Born and raised in Hawaii, John started his photography career as a mall Santa photographer. He had fine art aspirations, but quickly realized that breaking into that world as a broke (but ambitious) 18-year-old was about as likely as showing up in Hollywood and immediately booking an Oscar-winning role. 

From crying toddlers, he went on to taking tableside photos at a fancy seafood restaurant (he was literally the guy who would interrupt your romantic dinner to ask if you wanted to buy a photo, pre-smart phone), and then worked at the Hyatt Maui doing beach family sessions. He shadowed photographers, and eventually opened his own photography studio, JMC Photography Maui.


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John Fun Facts:
- Function over fashion
- SPAM Enthusiast
- Friendly introvert
- Your favorite Leo
- Traditionalist photography style

While John was snapping photos of kids cheesing with Santa, Lili was working towards a career as a professional ballerina. When life had other plans for her (as it tends to do), she refocused, going to college and grad school, and landing in a career as an environmental specialist working for the federal government. But creativity was calling her name, and she couldn't ignore it. She opened her own boudoir photography studio, Femme Photography, dedicated to celebrating women for all that they are.

Lili Fun Facts:
 - Fashion over function
 - Avante-garde, grindhouse art lover
- Coffee addict
- Sugary cereal enthusiast
- Your favorite Cancer

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You probably already believe in soulmates, but just in case…

We think the rest of our story will solidify that belief. 

A year after Lili started her boudoir photography business, she decided to attend a photography workshop in Maui. Can you tell where this is going? 

You know when you’re young and you go on a cruise with your family, only to meet a cute boy and have a whirlwind 3-day romance before going your separate ways to start 9th grade in completely different states? It was something like that, except we never let go of our love-at-first-sight. After 18 months of long-distance, John packed up his entire life, sold his house, hired photographers to take over his company, and moved to DC with his two dogs. We tied the knot, joined a weekly ax throwing league, and never looked back. 

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In case you couldn’t tell, we know the value of a good love story. How feeling lost in life is completely remedied by finding your person, because at least you can be lost together. 

You can think of us as your friends who won’t shut the F up about your wedding because we’re just that pumped. In a time that’s supposed to be exciting, but usually ends up stressful, we’ll step in as your wedding bffs, spirit guides, and planning pros. From the second you send us that “inquiry” email, you have us on your side. You can ask us anything, and we are happy to share our experience on all things love, life, and photography. 

We fell in love with photography, and then each other. That connection is tangible when we’re working together, and 
makes us the experts at telling true love stories. 

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I literally can not say enough about these two. They aren’t just amazing photographers, they are amazing people. We had no stress, it was seriously like we knew them forever. They knew exactly what we were looking for and everything turned out amazing. You guys seriously rock!

All I can say is WOW. The way they worked with us was incredible. We both felt so at ease. They took our ideas and gave us suggestions from their vast experience to give us pictures we’ll always love.

John and Lili are some of the most incredible people we have met and by far are our favorite vendors we are using for our wedding. You both did such an amazing job I cried happy tears when I saw these pictures! Thank you thank you thank you <3 Truly, you went above and beyond what I expected and I could not be happier. I am in awe! We are so lucky to have you both!

John and Lili are simply EPIC! They are so sweet and make you feel at ease when capturing your special moments. Their talent is simply amazing! I highly recommend them, especially if your trying to have fun! Love all their work and the proof is in the pudding.

John and Lili are amazing! They went above and beyond to make our wedding day so special. They made us feel so comfortable and really care and listen to what you want. I will cherish these photos forever. Could not recommend them more!!


Above all else, we strive to help you feel connected, comfortable, and beautiful on your big day. As photographers, and as people who have gotten married, we have pretty much seen it all. In our minds, it’s most important that our clients are in-the-loop and having the best time ever on their wedding day. In order to achieve this, we keep our pricing and packages straightforward with no hidden fees or withheld information.

All of our wedding packages include a 30-minute engagement shoot, just another way that we go the extra step to get to know you and your story. If you have any questions about our work, our packages, or our pricing, please feel free to reach out! We will do whatever we can to make your wedding day the magical, detailed, exceptional day that you deserve.

Our people are couples who can’t get enough of each other. They are magnetic, spreading the kind of love that you thought you could only find in fairytales to everyone who is lucky enough to know them. That story, the true story of you and your soulmate/person/best friend/permanent charades partner, deserves to be told in all of its funny, gorgeous, sexy glory. We bring traditional, high-drama, editorial, and nostalgia together to create a wedding photo EXPERIENCE that could truly only be created by us and the couple in front of the camera.

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